DIY Dolls

 Adorable dolls for make, from :

Santa Lucia Dolls

Finishedlucias9Thank you for your commiseration on all the barfing and the volume, etc. “Bearing witness” took on whole new meaning there. Uncle Andy seems all better now, thank goodness. It seems salmon is, in fact, officially crossed off the list of Things He Loves, alas. . . .

Tomorrow is Santa Lucia Day. I made some little Santa Lucia and attendants dolls for a very special person who loves Santa Lucia Day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get them to this very special person in timefor Santa Lucia Day, but . . . she knows me. I’m always late with the really good presents. And I must say, this is a goodie.

I decided to go with fabric dresses instead of the paper-pleated ones I was thinking about because a) I didn’t have the right paper at home and b) I felt like these little faces were pretty playful, and the paper flowers were pretty sophisticated, so those’ll be for something else, perhaps over the mantle after all.

If you’d like to make some little Lucias (or angels or flower girls or ballet dancers or whatever you want), here is what you’ll need:

Doll pins, 3 3/4″
Doll-pin stands, 1 1/8″ x 1/2″ round
Doll head beads, 1 1/4″ (with hole in bottom big enough to fit over your pins)
Acrylic paints
Assorted paintbrushes
White pipecleaner, cut in 6″ piece (for arms)
Silver pipecleaner, cut in 2″ piece (for wands)
Green pipecleaner, cut to fit around head (for wreathe)
Flame-colored glitter or glitter glue (for candletips)
8″ square pieces of various cotton fabrics, starched and ironed (for dresses)
Scalloped scissors or pinking shears
Upholstery thread
Embroidery floss (for sashes)

I had a lot of this stuff already, but you can get almost all of it at JoAnn‘s. Or just do a Google search and order it on-line wherever’s best for you. You just want to make sure that your heads fit on the tops of whatever pins you use, since their little tops are different sizes depending on what brand you find. (I may put together kits of all this stuff if there is interest.)

Lucia3So, paint your pins and stands. I painted the tops of the pins peach, and the “feet” and stands white (for stockings) for all the attendants, and red for the Lucia.

Lucias1_1Then, paint the heads. I did mine peach all over, with two coats over the face. Use an extra pin to hold the heads while you are painting and while they are drying. When dry, do the hair and then the face. When all painting is finished and dry, coat the heads with varnish. (I didn’t bother varnishing the pins or stands, but you can do that if you want.)

Lucia2Next, trace the pattern on the wrong side of your fabric with an air-erase marker. (Lucias typically wear all white dresses with red sashes, but I went with calico for the attendants, and white eyelet for the Lucia.) Cut out dress pattern with scallop shears (Fiskars makes these) or regular pinking shears on the outside of the lines (see pattern), and cut along line with straight scissors from hem to neckline. Make tiny holes at markings with embroidery scissors. With upholstery thread and using a running stitch to gather, stitch around neckline of dress, leaving long ends (no knots) at either edge of dress opening.

Lucia4Slide piece of white pipecleaner up through opening in pin, leaving about 1″ of pipecleaner hanging out right side of pin, and, from the wrong side, poke the left side of the pipecleaner through the small hole on that side of dress. Really. Just try. It’s easier than I’m making it sound, I promise.

Lucia5Curve pipecleaner around front and poke it through hole in right side. Join to other end of pipecleaner by twisting ends together, and slide the joined part into the opening of the pin. This is all much, much easier than it sounds, I swear. You’re basically making a ring of pipecleaner and hiding the joined part within the clothespin.

Lucia6Then stick the pin up through the neck opening of the dress, and tie to upholstery thread tightly around the groove in the pin neck. Spread gathers out equally around neck. Can you see the little white pipecleaner, coming out from either side of the pin, and going out through the holes?

Lucia7Smooth the dress down. Then just play with the arms until you get a nice, smooth circle.

Lucia10_1Then stick her head on. I didn’t glue mine, so that I could move them to imply different attitudes, but you could add a drop of glue to them when you find what you like.

Lucia12_1Though Santa Lucia’s attendants are supposed to carry candles, mine have silver wands — you can just clip them short and add a little dot of flame-colored glitter glue. Just bend up the bottom of the wand a bit and squeeze it onto the center of the arms. Use a piece of embroidery floss (all six plies) and tie it around her waist (under arms) and make a bow in the back. (Upholstery thread is pictured here, but on the finished dolls I used floss.) Smooth out gathers and then fluff up skirt. (Starching fabric before making dress helps it keep a poufy appearance.)

To make the Lucia’s wreath, just use green pipecleaner to make a ring that will fit her head, and cut five 1″-pieces of white pipecleaner for “candles.” Fold and pinch ends of candles around wreath, then add dabs of glitter to tips of candles and let dry.

You’re done! Now set them up and take pictures of them, of course!



Beautiful little kitchen to play!

look how cute is this! lovely & awesome work! excellent tutorial for made it ! shame that I have only boys! : / find here :

Play Kitchen

play kitchen

The play kitchen I made for my daughter.  I have no prior experience, so if I can do it anyone can.

I made the frame  by adapting an Ikea, Vika Furusund.  I had to drill some new holes to fit the unit together and I trimmed a few inches from the fridge door.  Everything was assembled using wood glue, finishing nails and screws.  The hardest part was installing the hinges.  That was trial and error. Well everything was trial and error. The kitchen dimensions are 27″ wide X 22″ tall X 10″ deep. This is how I did it:

4 boards, 22″ X 10″  frame of the kitchen
1 board 20″ X 10″    fridge door
1 board 10″ X 9″   fridge shelf
1 MDF board, 15″ X 3″  small shelf
1/4″ backer board, 27″ X 32″
1 board, 15″ X 13″  oven door
1 board, 15″ X 10″  oven base
1 piece 2 1/4 inch window casing trim, this makes the apron, one day I will put the oven knobs on

Frame of Unit – Vika furusund, Ikea
Handles – Glitter, Ikea
Knife Rack – Astker, Ikea
Magnetic Containers – Grundtal, Ikea
Plexy glass – Home Depot
Paint – Home Depot
Hinges – Home Depot
Dowels and Caps – Michaels Crafts
The burners are coasters – Home Outfitters
Cup hooks – Home Depot
Puck light – Sylvania
Fabric swatch – Sandi Henderson, Petal Party
Sink – Cake Tin, Save on Foods
Tea Set – The Princess and the Pea, Edmonton
I used scraps from Home Depot, they cut them to the dimensions I needed in the store.  They were very helpful.

I made the faucet with a 1 and 1/2 inch dowel, the smaller dowel sticking out is 5/8th inch.  I drilled a hole into larger dowel and inserted the small dowel.  The ‘taps’ are the 1 1/2 inch dowel cut down to 2″. I glued dowel caps on top for a clean finish.

Now all I need to do is make knobs for the controls.




This is what the Ikea piece should have looked like.

The Frame


Almost Done

The Burners on

My daughter loves to remove the burners, glad I didn’t glue them on.



It was really important that the oven door be safe, so I added a lid catch to keep it from falling open.  I also added a puck light inside the oven.





The magnetic knife rack.



I love Balloons

What a wonderful idea for make gift certificates i found in Pinterest! from :

Giving Gift Certificates  

Giving Gift Certificates

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Gift certificates provide an excellent compromise. You can spend as much or as little as you need to while ensuring that you don?t buy something inappropriate. With the advance of the Internet it is also possible to buy gift certificates for stores or companies that you or the lucky recipient would normally have access to.

Many stores offer gift certificates and the only decisions you will need to make will be the store to get them from and how much you want to spend. Book, DVD and music stores are the most popular when it comes to gift certificates because while many people love to read, listen to music or watch movies, it can be difficult to know what they already have in their collection.

You can also purchase gift certificates from clothes stores, DIY stores and virtually anywhere that encourages visitors. They have become the hottest trend in present buying because they are so easy and so convenient. You can literally leave things to the last minute and rush out to buy a gift certificate.

Receiving a gift certificate means that you are able to receive exactly what you want as your gift without having to openly tell people what you want. There should be no need to return your gift to the store because you got the wrong size, the wrong color or the wrong album.

Arkadul: Design, Art & Craft Created with Love

I will start by telling you a little about “arkadul” arkadul is a brand created for the little ones and the small of heart, because I’m considered a girl with lot of imagination, when I was a girl I liked creating my own toys with paper and boxes, I’ve always liked the small details and the simple things that convey a special feeling.


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