DIY pac-man garland


If you love pac man ,or have a pac man arcade party , you can make this cool garland! also perfect for decorate my children’s room :)

pac man garland


1) Download the template here! Print onto white paper and cut out. This is now your ‘master template’.

2) Lay your master template onto some black card and draw around it using a pencil.

3) Chop out (whilst watching guilt-free crappy telly).

4) For the eyes: I chopped up some scrap plastic but you can use clear acetate (I hang on to loads of stuff that would normally go in the recycling bin). Stick a strip onto the back of each ghost with a bit of tape. I then colored some circular stickers black and stuck them on top of the scrap plastic – you can easily chop out a circle of paper if you don’t have stickers.

If you want your garland to be seen from both sides simply chop another ghost out and stick on top with some double-sided tape. This will hide all the sticky tape!

5) To hang: Get a length of black thread and stick on to the back of your pac-men(!) using sticky tape…easy!


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