Free Back To School Stickers Labels

I’ve created some printable stickers labels you can use it for your child’s on lunchbox notes ,books, notepads etc, can download for free only click and print .

All you have to do is print cut & enjoy put them in your child’s school stuff for a special surprise! Some notes have blank spaces so you can write your own message or a little love from Mom or Dad :)

display pdf stickers for back to school


Handmade Bags with Bite

Artist from Etsy: Mary Pow


Sharks, Catfish, Snails, Turtles, Bugs purses , pouches & more awesome pieces!






Diy Felt Ice Cream Purse


diy ice cream purse

Recipe Homemade Strawberry Ice cream



Strawberry ice cream


350 g strawberries
200 g heavy cream
2 egg yolks
80 g sugar
* 25 g sugar * Prevents crystallization of ice and gives a smoother texture. Clean strawberries, crushed 250 g and cut the rest into small dice. Bring to a boil the cream. Beat egg yolks and sugar until creamy. Add the hot cream slowly, stirring constantly. Place the bowl over a water bath and whisk until slightly thickened ( about 7 minutes ) . Remove from water bath and let cool. Stir from time to time. Combine strawberry puree, diced strawberries and place in the refrigerator or freezer for at least 4 hours.

DIY Making Upcycled Pendants




Here’s how to make your own:

1. Cut wine corks into slices at desired widths using a knife or small saw. This time I thought to use the bench vise we have out in the garage, but I’ve sliced many corks without one. Just be sure to be very careful keeping your fingers away from the blade and work on a protected surface.

2. Sand the cork slices to create a flat surface.

3. Paint or ink the flat surfaces if desired (play around with and without color) and allow them to dry fully.

4. Stamp image onto front of slice. You do not need to use an image that is small enough to fit. Try stamping partial images as I’ve done here, such as stamping inside the wheel of a bicycle stamp or the edge of a doily stamp.Tip: Since the corks are small, press them into the stamp instead of stamping onto the slice. Add a pattern before your stamp by painting onto a texture plate and pressing cork slice onto plate like this honeycomb design.Allow them to dry fully before stamping over pattern.

5. Screw a 5mm eye screw into the top of each slice for hanging. You can hang from a necklace with this loop, or you may need to add a small jump ring to fit over clasp.

Make a bunch to swap out on a necklace so you’ll always have something fun to wear with any outfit!

Keep Your Cool Smartphone Case sewing pattern: from the folks behind Oliver + S patterns

You can buy the pattern here & see more details:


Give that hot new smartphone of yours a cool place to hang out. This amusing little ice cream treat (choose between an ice pop and an ice cream sandwich) protects your smartphone while also organizing your favorite credit cards and your keys. Keep these things all together in this supercute package and you’ll never lose your cool again because you can’t find one of your essentials as you’re running out the door.

What You’ll Need
All fabric: 44/45″-wide quilting cotton, linen, or other lightweight woven fabrics

Striped Ice Pop (View 1)

15″ x 7″ piece fabric A (top stripe, side panel)
8″ x 9″ piece fabric B (center stripe, inside pocket)
15″ x 11″ piece fabric C (bottom stripe, lining)
7″ x 4″ piece fabric D (stick)
Solid Ice Pop (View 2)

15″ x 20″ piece or 1 fat quarter fabric A (outside, lining, and inside pocket)
7″ x 4″ piece fabric D (stick)
Ice Cream Sandwich (View 3)

11″ x 9″ piece fabric A (sandwich cookie, tab)
12 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ piece fabric B (ice cream filling/side panel, lining, and inside pocket)
Notions (All Views)

15 1/2″ x 7″ piece lightweight quilt batting
Coordinating thread
One key ring (approximately 1″ diameter)
One sew-in or set-in snap (approximately 7/16″ diameter — size 3 sew-in or size 16 set-in)