Diy Acorn Owls


This activity is perfect to make with the kids this fall ;)

acorn owls

acorn owls.JPG 2

What you’ll need:

*Felt scraps (or colored paper)
*Glue and paintbrush

Step 1:
Cut out eyes, beak and wings
Step 2:
Glue body parts onto acorn
Step 3:
Cut out a branch, flower, leaves or other fun accessories
Step 4:
Step 4? You’re done!


Diy Geometrical Box Templates



Diy Recycled Sea Creatures with cardboard


Its summer and you have to use the time with the kids, look what cool things you can do to make something super creative with them! and what better way to recycle! :)
here the download template & more super cool free downloadable templates:

mr printable

Funny Recipe sprite popsicles & jelly

These popsicles are full of flavor and color. With sprite the freshness and flavor of jelly beans or gummy bears kids can not resist, but … you can you resist you? Encourage one to prepare this scrumptious summer recipe ! You will see that easy.

We need molds for popsicles. Will post as many jelly beans or gummy bears as you want inside. Sprite will fill up one to one without actually cover them entirely, leaving a little space since it freezes the liquid rises and rises. And will put in the freezer overnight. We already have our homemade ice cream popsicle !

You can be changing and combining flavors and ingredients. Sprite, Coca-Cola, Fanta, jelly,gummys or fruit … there are endless possibilities and the whole summer ahead.