Diy Geometrical Box Templates




DIY Transfer Decal Tutorial




Do you need: Waterslide decal paper, Printer, Clear acrylic sealer, Item to embellish.

Beautiful little kitchen to play!

look how cute is this! lovely & awesome work! excellent tutorial for made it ! shame that I have only boys! : / find here :

Play Kitchen

play kitchen

The play kitchen I made for my daughter.  I have no prior experience, so if I can do it anyone can.

I made the frame  by adapting an Ikea, Vika Furusund.  I had to drill some new holes to fit the unit together and I trimmed a few inches from the fridge door.  Everything was assembled using wood glue, finishing nails and screws.  The hardest part was installing the hinges.  That was trial and error. Well everything was trial and error. The kitchen dimensions are 27″ wide X 22″ tall X 10″ deep. This is how I did it:

4 boards, 22″ X 10″  frame of the kitchen
1 board 20″ X 10″    fridge door
1 board 10″ X 9″   fridge shelf
1 MDF board, 15″ X 3″  small shelf
1/4″ backer board, 27″ X 32″
1 board, 15″ X 13″  oven door
1 board, 15″ X 10″  oven base
1 piece 2 1/4 inch window casing trim, this makes the apron, one day I will put the oven knobs on

Frame of Unit – Vika furusund, Ikea
Handles – Glitter, Ikea
Knife Rack – Astker, Ikea
Magnetic Containers – Grundtal, Ikea
Plexy glass – Home Depot
Paint – Home Depot
Hinges – Home Depot
Dowels and Caps – Michaels Crafts
The burners are coasters – Home Outfitters
Cup hooks – Home Depot
Puck light – Sylvania
Fabric swatch – Sandi Henderson, Petal Party
Sink – Cake Tin, Save on Foods
Tea Set – The Princess and the Pea, Edmonton
I used scraps from Home Depot, they cut them to the dimensions I needed in the store.  They were very helpful.

I made the faucet with a 1 and 1/2 inch dowel, the smaller dowel sticking out is 5/8th inch.  I drilled a hole into larger dowel and inserted the small dowel.  The ‘taps’ are the 1 1/2 inch dowel cut down to 2″. I glued dowel caps on top for a clean finish.

Now all I need to do is make knobs for the controls.




This is what the Ikea piece should have looked like.

The Frame


Almost Done

The Burners on

My daughter loves to remove the burners, glad I didn’t glue them on.



It was really important that the oven door be safe, so I added a lid catch to keep it from falling open.  I also added a puck light inside the oven.





The magnetic knife rack.